Important News & Updates from Stowe, Rowany and surrounding groups.

M’Lords & M’Ladies!
The trumpet has sounded! Will YOU answer the call?

Voting is now underway for the new Baron & Baroness of Rowany. Stowe is very much a part of the Barony, so please do go in and vote.It doesn’t matter how long you have been playing, or how much you play, everyone’s vote and opinion are valued.

We have until the 25th of September to vote, with the new B&B being announced on the 1st of October. Also, if you have some commentary that you would like to give in addition to your vote, you are welcome to send that through to Master Gilchrist, who is overseeing the Baronial Process, by the 23rd of September.

We wish both sets of candidates well, it’s a tough choice!

Baronial Poll <<<Click HERE>>>